After a first industrial establishment in 1787, the Nydel brand was born in 1919. In 1953, Nydel revolutionized the world of household linen thanks to its innovative process: textile coating, thus was born the association of aesthetic and practical

Through the years and collections, Nydel has established itself as THE precursor brand of technological innovation. Exit the stress of sauce stains, spilled glass on the tablecloth: Nydel tablecloths take the complexity out of tableware. The pleasure of entertaining friends and cooking with family remains intact.

1919-2019, 100 years. And yes NYDEL is 100 years old! NYDEL has been making tablecloths that are easy to live with since 1919. NYDEL's core business has always been to provide its customers with ease of maintenance on its products, in particular thanks to its PVC & Acrylic coatings. NYDEL, easy-going tablecloths for family lunches, everyday entertaining. Ease of maintenance, simplified ironing, easy stain removal, so many exclusive innovations that NYDEL has always displayed through its products.

NYDEL restarts with a new ambition, a new dynamic team! An in-depth study has been done on what NYDEL customers expect. Its new Summer 2019 collection has been the subject of particular attention both in terms of quality and creation. The quality of the 100% American fiber cotton support ensures perfect printing results.